Protests Of Racism Continue To Draw Claims of Being Racist

Supporters of racist policies, laws and practices have long used God and the Bible to support their vicious views and actions.  Texas Senator Ted Cruz recently echoed the NRA at the 2018 CPAC gathering by claiming that American's have a "God-given 2nd Amendment right."  So they believe that God promotes instruments of death in the hands of anyone? A lady named Virginia Hester commented on our Facebook page that because we reject the continued celebration of slavery by upholding the Confederacy, we "have hate in (our) hearts."  Hate in OUR hearts?  My dear Virginia, please help us understand why speaking out against the celebration of the vile instituion of slavery about which the Civil War was fought, is being hateful.  Please, please explain why you, Virginia Hester, support the failed insurrection against America.  Please, please, please explain why you would celebrate traitors against America almost 153 years after the most deadly war in America's history has ended with American victory.

America cannot achieve peace from within without ending the celebration of the Confederate States of America which amounts to government sponsored terrorism against Americans of African descent.

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